March 01, 2012

jenny in picnic sweater

i probably don't need to tell you that this is the lovely jenny gordy, as everyone reads wiksten, but here she is trying out one of my samples! jenny and i were discussing a piece for her and knowing that she loves blue, i suggested this australian alpaca that i had in french blue. it had been on my shelf for a little while, waiting for me to do something with it and i had been procrastinating and was considering dropping it from my collections as it's quite an expensive yarn. anyway, making a piece for jenny was the perfect opportunity to try it out. as it turns out, i was so pleased with it that i've decided to include it in the upcoming collection. i've named it the 'picnic sweater'. it's almost the same as the cabin sweaters currently at anaise, but with longer sleeves (and different colourways).

also, as jenny mentions on her blog, primoeza scarves will soon be available through the wiksten shop! i am incredibly flattered as jenny's work has been of such inspiration to me over the years and her shop is such a delight with its unique selection of goods.  scarves will ship in the not too distant future so keep an eye out on jenny's store!