September 03, 2012


i didn't mean to abandon my blog but i needed to take a bit of time out to collect myself. we've been getting used to our new household of three, ezra, (who doesn't like his photo being taken much) has been a revelation. he's always been a character, but his personality has blossomed in the last month and we're not sure if we are looking after him, or he after us. he suddenly has an expanded vocabulary and has become extremely chatty. he's always asking to play some sort of game and when we sleep he also tucks himself under the quilt with his head on the pillow (that might be too much information, but it's impossibly cute).

being in between projects, i've had some time to do some things i wouldn't ordinarily be able to do. one of these has been sitting for daniela. it's been an amazing experience watching her build up a painting from a blank canvas. it's hard to be objective when assessing images of yourself but i really like the portrait below - it captures a pretty intense look that i don't see on myself that often.

 i've been doing a bit of reading, david attenborough's memoir, which is fascinating (thanks for the recommendation anna) and my new favourite publication, wilder quarterly.

another of my favourite activities that i've been doing a bit of lately has been visiting opp shops. i'm slowly building a nice little pottery collection.

later this week the rayman will be going on another work related trip and this time i'm going too. i'll keep the destination a surprise, but i will say that i'm pretty f**** excited. i probably won't be blogging much when we are away because i've finally joined instagram but please follow me - @primoeza - if you're interested.